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Helping your child know and understand reasons for safety

  • Not loitering on the way home.
  • Not accepting gifts/lifts from strangers.
  • Teaching your child road safety – with and without safety crossings – a few trial walks to school are a good idea.
  • Not leaving the school ground during school time.

Under no circumstances should a school beginner be allowed to travel to or from school unaccompanied by a responsible person.

  • Teachers supervising the school ground are readily available to help any child. Remind your child to ask the teacher on duty for assistance.
  • Playground Rules (discussed in class)
  • Don’t walk or run up slides,
  • No more than one person at a time on a slide,
  • Monkey bars are one-way only,
  • Keep moving in tunnels, no stopping,
  • No chasey or tiggy games, around buildings and playground equipment
  • Don’t jump off the equipment,
  • Put all rubbish in a bin.

Please note: teachers are on duty between 8.45am and 3.45pm. Children must not be in the playground out of these hours.

  • Please assist teachers on duty in the afternoon by being clear of the grounds by 3.45pm. This enables the duty teachers to identify any child who has not been met by an adult.
  • No child or teenager is permitted on the school roof.
  • Toddlers and pre-schoolers must be supervised at all time by parents/carers whilst on school property.
  • Please keep toddlers with you at Assembly time.
  • Smoking is not permitted by any person on the school grounds. (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Regulations).
  • Dogs are not permitted within the school grounds, without prior approval.