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Children are supervised while they eat their lunch indoors.
It is also recommended that children have play-lunch at morning recess. It is easier for children if play-lunch is wrapped separately from lunch and they know which is which.

Please note: Chewing gum or Bubble gum is not permitted at school.

Drinks in bottles or cans constitute a danger – please do not give your child these. Drinks in plastic containers are fine.

Lunches from home

When the weather is warm, parents are encouraged to:

  • Put a frozen container, such as a drink, in the lunchbox with food that is normally refrigerated (like ham, yoghurt, etc). For extra safety, use an insulated lunchbox or cooler with frozen containers. These together keep food cooler and safer on hotter days.
  • Avoid perishable foods, which have just been cooked or warmed, such as hamburgers or boiled eggs. These foods need to be cooled before being packed for lunches.
  • Discard any leftovers that come home.
  • For ideas for healthy lunches please visit: www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au
  • Food brought from home will not be reheated at school.