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Health and Dental Service


  • Ensure that your Admission and Family Information Forms are completed. Your home and work telephone numbers and those of two friends who live locally, will enable us to contact you promptly if your child is sick or injured. [DO NOT put your name down as an emergency contact] Please ensure that you notify the school of any change promptly.
  • Inform the school if your child has a serious health problem, as this may affect their school progress.
  • Regular early bedtime is essential for children to fully participate in an active school day.
  • If your child is ill, they need to be kept at home. Infection spreads rapidly and the child is best cared for at home.
  • Please send a written note after all absences. This is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)  requirement. A message can be left on the Absence Line 9788 4838 with you child’s name, grade, reason for absence and expected date of return.
  • The School Medical Service will examine some children. Please accept this FREE medical check for your child if made available.
  • If your child needs to take any medications, please discuss this with the class teacher and complete a form which is available at the office. See Medication Policy.
  • If your child receives a bump to the head whilst at school, you may be notified to take your child home for close supervision.
  • In summer, it is expected that children will apply sunscreen at home. Make this a part of the morning routine. There are several reliable brands of sunscreen, which should last through the day. Please consult a chemist for recommended brands.

Please note: all children who are not immunised will be excluded from school, when it is known that a child at the school has contracted a disease. (e.g. measles)


Dental Health Service

The School Dental Health Service (S.D.S.) is a service for primary school children and is staffed by Department of Human Services dentists, dental therapists and dental nurses.

Great importance is attached to the prevention of dental disease, through preventative procedures such as fissure sealants, topical fluoride applications and through education and motivation of children, teachers, parents and the community.

Additional dental care provided by S.D.S. includes examinations, radiographs if necessary, scaling and cleaning, fillings and extractions both on permanent and deciduous teeth, where necessary.

For further information contact School Dental Service on 1300 360 054