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The Department of Education  & Early Childhood Development requires parents and guardians to provide an explanation for the absence of any child from school.
You are required to send a note of explanation or ring the School Absence Line on 9788 4838. If your child will be absent for an extended period of time, please let the teacher know, so that work may be provided.

Leaving During School Hours

If you wish your child to leave school early (appointments etc) it will be necessary for you to inform the class teacher in writing, and sign your child in the Early Leave book at the office window and then collect your child from the classroom.  In the interest of your child’s safety, we will not send a child home at any time other than dismissal time.

Late Arrival at School

If your child is running late for any particular reason, can you please take them to the office to be signed in to school.  A late pass will issued to your child to be given to the teacher.


It is essential that all pupils arrive at school by 8.55am and we ask for your cooperation in this matter.

It is most important that the children are at school before starting time. If they arrive late, they can feel embarrassed and alarmed that they have missed starting activities. Literacy blocks commence at 9.00am., it is crucial your child is ready to start at this time so, please don’t be late.