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General Information


The Department of Education  & Early Childhood Development requires parents and guardians to provide an explanation for the absence of any child from school.
You are required to send a note of explanation or ring the School Absence Line on 9788 4838. If your child will be absent for an extended period of time, please let the teacher know, so that work may be provided.

Leaving During School Hours

Asthma Management


We are pleased to inform you that this school takes its responsibilities to students with asthma very seriously.

Asthma is a condition that can be serious and may require emergency treatment while at school.  It is important therefore, to have up to date information about the management of your child’s asthma.

Lost Property

Clothing, bags, lunch boxes, etc. need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name. A permanent marker is quite effective on the tags of most clothing and hats.
Lost property is stored in a basket opposite the computer lab. You can check there for longer term lost items. Please encourage your child(ren) to pick up their belongings after recess and lunch


Children are supervised while they eat their lunch indoors.
It is also recommended that children have play-lunch at morning recess. It is easier for children if play-lunch is wrapped separately from lunch and they know which is which.

Please note: Chewing gum or Bubble gum is not permitted at school.

Drinks in bottles or cans constitute a danger – please do not give your child these.

Medical Information

If your child has a particular medical condition, which requires a Medical Plan, or medications being kept at school, please notify the school as soon as possible.

Money Sent To School

Parents are required to meet the costs of their children’s participation in activities such as sport, swimming, excursions and camps. When it is necessary to send money to school, please send it in a sealed envelope, to be given to the class teacher. On the outside of the envelope, please write your child’s name, class, the purpose of the money and the amount.



Teacher Car Parking.

Parking spaces within school grounds are reserved for teachers. In the interest of both safety and security, please refrain from using this area. Children are restricted from entering the teacher’s parking area.

Parent Car Parking.

There are limited spaces in Mallum Avenue and Ashleigh Avenue.

For students’ safety, please:


Helping your child know and understand reasons for safety

  • Not loitering on the way home.
  • Not accepting gifts/lifts from strangers.
  • Teaching your child road safety – with and without safety crossings – a few trial walks to school are a good idea.
  • Not leaving the school ground during school time.

Under no circumstances should a school beginner be allowed to travel to or from school unaccompanied by a responsible person.


We promote SunSmart behaviours and the wearing of the school uniform broad brimmed hats, sunscreen and sunglasses during Terms 1 and 4.

School Uniform

School Uniform

  • School Uniform is compulsory at Karingal Primary School. Please see the attached policy for all the details.
  • Our uniform is supplied by Primary Schoolwear and may be purchased through their store which is located at 21 Playne Street in Frankston. 
  • The school has hats available which may be purchased from the office.
  • Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named.

Extra Clothing