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Karingal Primary School is proud to offer a broad curriculum encompassing a large variety of subjects, but with a major emphasis on both Literacy and Numeracy

Physical Education

Our school is excellently equipped for indoor and outdoor physical education. A Perceptual Motor Program is provided in the Prep Grades. Parent assistance with Prep children will be sought to support this program. It is very important that children wear safe footwear daily and that girls are dressed so they can take part in P.E. activities freely. Skorts/shorts are appropriate clothing for these activities.


The children enjoy this facility, which includes a computerised borrowing system and computer access for research. A library book bag is preferred for the carrying of books between school and home.

The Arts

Each class has access to The Arts program which includes specialist lessons in Visual Arts and Music. A named smock is required for Visual Arts and will be kept at school in the classroom.

Computers and Multimedia

Our classrooms and computer room are well equipped with networked computers. Students have the opportunity to use Information and Communication Technology and a range of multimedia equipment to enhance and support their learning. Our website is www.karingalps.vic.edu.au  Please read the internet policy and sign and return the consent form which will be issued with the Confidential Student Information forms at the start of the year.

Religious Education

This program is delivered by accredited instructors from the Council for Education in Schools. Lessons are conducted weekly and follow a non-denominational agreed syllabus. The confidential student enrolment form requires you to indicate whether your child will be receiving Religious Education. To assist with programming and lessons, we would prefer that children attend Religious Education for the entire year. However, if for some reason your child is unable to continue, please advise the teacher in writing.

Cross-Age Tutoring and ‘Buddy’ System

In assisting young children to feel part of the school, safe, happy and cared for, Grade 5 children will be paired with the Prep children. Several activities are arranged throughout the year between the Prep and Grade 5 students. For example, playground time together, picnic, literacy sessions and intramail letters to each other.

Home Reading

Home Reading is the continuation of the enjoyable reading times parents have with their pre-school children where there is no pressure to ‘teach’ but rather an emphasis on the mutual pleasure of sharing a book. A ‘reader’ is a person who reads, not a type of book. We like to use the term ‘sharing books’ or ‘take home books’ for this reason.